he plugin very useful for companies (such as Alfa Romeo, Bosch, Biir, Siemens) and blogs who have different web-sites for not logged in visitors from different countries.
It creates Settings page named Country Redirect in the WordPress’s admin section where it is possible to point redirect for any country in the world. And when unauthorized visitor visits the frontend site, this visit will be redirected to URL matched the country he visits from with the WordPress default 302 status.

[cfgeo return=”country_code”][cfgeo return=”country_code_numeric”][cfgeo_flag]

The aim of plugin is reliable country recognition of both desktop and mobile visitors using three independent determining engines based on visitor’s IP.
The using of plugin is pretty simple and does not require of any special or programming skills.

If you have any suggestions or need some special function, please let me know.

[cfgeo return=”country_code”][cfgeo return=”country_code_numeric”][cfgeo_flag]