Interiour Tour





Please welcome the new flagship of the Navigator line – The stunning Navigator 26. She inherited all the positive ideas embodied in previous models and sums it up to be a next level boat . Established technology, premium materials and innovative design altogether make her a perfect choice for a surprisingly wide spectrum of demands. Add up the world renowned BRIG boats seaworthiness and you will get reliable and fast head turner. 


The Navigator 26 was designed with versatility in mind. It can serve as a runabout dinghy with lots of storage space, including ample open front deck. Also, it can be used as a comfortable day-cruiser for a family or a group of friends to explore distant harbours. And moreover, it has all the traits to be an angler’s choice, given that it’s fitted with optional features as an aerated bay tank, rod holders and useful plastic tube pads among others. 


Despite she is meant to be a family vessel, the new Navigator 26 hits the 50 knots speed mark. Her 26 feet hull with a 23.5 deg. deadrise was designed to be fast, safe and fuel efficient. Also, the helm and the passenger seats are rigged with grab rails and handles to reassure your ride is comfy and safe. Also, the wide console and windshield give you more protection in rough conditions. So you can extend your boating season when everyone is wrapped up.


The new Navigator 26 also introduces the completely new level of customisation. The plastic T-top, massive A-frame and tube pads can provide lots of additional opportunities for mounting third-party equipment and accessories. So, whether you are out to get the catch of your life or pull your best wake board trick – this boat will be the best mate!



Although, it doesn’t matter how many options you introduce, there’s still a prime place reserved for the performance. BRIG is notorious for the outstanding seaworthiness of its boats in respective sizes and the N26 is not an exception. The boat switches into the hydroplaning mode in seconds and  breaks the 50 knots mark at full throttle with reasonable fuel consumption. Also, we put the boat through her paces during the inland freshwater test-drive and the Ultimate Challenge of navigating her along the Norwegian coast line for more than 1500 nautical miles in six days.


Though we try to provide you with all the information we’ve got, seeing the boat in the flesh is always the best option. Click the button below to find a vendor in your area to get all the answers on pricing, options and test drives.